How are owls eyes equipped for the dark?



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    In proportion to the rest of their body, owls have gigantic eyes.  In particular, they have very large pupils, which is the part that allows light into the eye.  When it is dark, their large pupils expand even wider so that they can absorb the maximum amount of light possible so that they can see better in the darkness.

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    Owl eyes also have very high concentration of rod-shaped cells.  These are the cells in the eye that are sensitive to light, allowing owls to see at night.  Their eyes do, however, have a low concentration of cone-shaped cells, which are sensitive to color.  For this reason, owls are mostly color-blind.   Humans, by contrast, have high amounts of cone-shaped cells and much lower amounts of rod-shaped cells, making it hard for us to see in the dark, but allowing us to experience things in full color.

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