How are organic laundry detergents made?



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    Every laundry detergent you purchase in a store, whether green or not, will vary in formula. Seventh Generation is one green brand that I trust for effectively cleaning my home, and the containers boast that they don’t hide or omit ingredients like other brands do. The site lists ingredients as well, and even provided additional information on ingredients that may be unfamiliar to us, such as sodium carbonate and magnesium sulfate.

    You can also check out “recipes” for home laundry detergent, and these will also vary depending on your source (see link below).

    I also found out about an interesting detergent alternative by Chartreuse called Soap Nuts, and they are relatively inexpensive and may be worth checking out. I’m thinking about trying them myself!

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    Check out the website below for alternative uses to everyday household products. It includes a list of eco friendly laundry detergents.  It saves resources, saves money, and is good for the environment.

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