How are the new eco-friendly homes the UN built in Haji Jaffar Jamari, Pakistan improvements on previous models?



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    The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has been experimenting for several years with building eco-friendly homes in areas of Pakistan that are especially susceptible to earthquakes and floods, as well as economically devastated. The original efforts were done in 2003-04 in the towns of Badin and Thatta. The 2009 project in Haji Jaffar Jamari utilizes almost all locally-available materials in building, wire-reinforced hollow block masonry that is more energy efficient and resistant to earthquakes, and lanterns powered by solar energy to reduce the houses’ energy consumption. The houses are a vast improvement not only over previous building efforts but certainly over the local residents’ previous homes, which were largely thatched huts that were destined to be washed away by the next big storm. The UNDP is planning more projects along these lines, given the apparent success of the Haji Jaffar Jamari development.

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