How are the new bike boxes helping make biking more safe?



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    Bike boxes are better than none at all. Bike boxes were placed in targeted intersections in cyclist-friendly Portland, Oregon, and some researchers at PSU did an extensive study on whether or not the bike boxes were effective, and more imprortantly, whether or not they were safer. Based on their findings, they determined that the bike boxes were indeed safer, and that people they surveyed felt that the boxes were most effective when marked in a different color (such as green) to contrast the asphalt. An overwhelming number of people surveyed felt that the bike boxes made a significant difference.

    Check out the findings below.

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    Bike boxes allow bikes to stop farther forward at intersections than cars can. This makes cyclists more visible to motorists. The cyclist will be positioned at the stop in front of the car so he is visible to the driver rather than lurking in the blind spot.

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