how are man responsible for ecological im balance?



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    Unsustainable extraction has disrupted water and nutrient cycles around the globe. We’ve drawn water from our aquifers faster than it can be replenished, dumped pollutants into our water bodies, and disrupted aquatic habitats by channelizing streams. 

    In our unchecked consumption of fossil fuels, we’ve burned up carbon sinks and released chemicals into the atmosphere. We have intensely farmed soils that we barely understand and depleted them of nutrients. We’ve even mined nutrients for fertilizers, extracting them from their earthly reserves, applying them to exhausted soils, and then letting them leach into our water system. 

    We have toyed with the inputs and outputs of a system whose complexity we do not comprehend. We have attempted to dissect it for all the goodies that we’re after, but we have no idea how to put it back together again. 

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