How are large buildings able to reduce their energy use?



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    Ultimately the energy usage will depend on the design of the building and the materials from which it is made. Are the windows weatherized? Does the ventilation system circulate air through the entire building? Is it well insulated? 

    However there are steps that can be taken regardless of building design. Use as much natural lighting as possible; open blinds to as much daylight as possible. In the summer, there may be more energy to be saved by closing all the blinds and keeping the air conditioning off and the lights on. Keep the heating and cooling systems programmed so that they only turn on when people are present, and so that it shuts off at a comfortable temperature. 

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    Another way to reudce the energy use of a large building is through “green roofs.” These are essentially roof-top gardens that absorb heat and water run off in the building. This will dramatically decrease your energy bills, as well as add some beauty in an urban area. 

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