How are inline water heaters a more eco friendly option?



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    Inline water heaters, also known as tankless water heaters, simplify the heating of water in your home by only heating up what you need to use. By not having a tank full of water that has to be heated, you are not wasting energy on heating water that you may not even use. They also run mostly on electricity (some gas and propane models are available) so you are not depleting any additional natural resources by using one. They do have a few downsides, though. The water may take a little longer to heat up because the heater is not producing energy unless it senses a demand for hot water. So, your water bills may be higher due to having to run a shower or sink longer before it heats up. While it is an advantage that tankless systems will provide an endless supply of hot water once they heat up, this may promote longer showers. These systems are a great idea, but definitely require some responsibility and attention on the part of the owner.

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