How are indoor plants beneficial?



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    Indoor plants drastically increase the air quality of your home. A NASA study even suggests that an indoor plant can remove 87% of the toxins in your home within 24 hours.

    Indoor plants can also improve other aspects of life, such as reducing sickness and boosting morale.

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    Indoor plants are very good air cleaners. They replace your exhaled carbon dioxide with clean fresh oxygen. It is very beneficial to keep plants such as spider plants because they produce oxygen and filter the air faster than other plants. Another thing that indoor plants help with is being focused. The book “Last Child in the Woods” suggests that while studying or trying to focus, you should look at nature. Plants can be helpful in that aspect.

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    In addition, having indoor plants around is known to have a therapeutic effect. A study published by The American Society for Horticultural Science in 2008 shows that plants actually help speed up the recovery process for patients that went under surgery.

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