How are hurricanes rated? By size, speed, or what?



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    Wind speed.

    • Category One — Winds 74-95 miles per hour
    • Category Two — Winds 96-110 miles per hour
    • Category Three — Winds 111-130 miles per hour
    • Category Four — Winds 131-155 miles per hour
    • Category Five — Winds greater than 155 miles per hour
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    Hurricanes are rated on the Saffir-Simpson scale.  This scale rates hurricanes on a 1-5 rating, based upon the hurricanes “present intensity”.  This rating is an interpretation of how much damage the hurricane will cause.  Ratings 1-5 refer to the following damages, respectively: minor damamge to trees and shrubs, no real damage to homes; considerable damage to trees and shrubs, minor damage to roofs and siding; structural damage to buildings, large trees blown down; complete destruction of mobile homes, trees blown down, flooding; complete building failures, much flooding.

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