How are humans working to save jaguars?



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    The main problems facing jaguar populations are poachers and ranchers.  Poachers shoot them and sell the furs illegally, while ranchers shoot them because of the animals threat to livestock.  Additionally, habitat loss from rainforest destruction is an immediate threat to the long-term survival of jaguars. 

    The main efforts made by humans to curb anthropogenic destruction of jaguar populations is the creation of wildlife preserves.  However, jaguars can move in and out of those preserve into unprotected areas.  The truth is, not a lot is being done to conserve jaguar populations because of the species relatively safe status on the threatened species list.

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    The World Wildlife Fund has partnered with volunteers and groups like University of Tucum├ín and the National Research Council of Argentina to work on a conservation project in the Upper Parana Atlantic Forest. They’re working to monitor jaguar habits to aid in the development of a conservation management plan.

    The Jaguar Conservation Fund, based in Brazil, where the jaguar is considered to be endangered, focuses its work on preserving the habitat and food sources required for the jaguar to thrive. Researchers seek to understand the conflicts that occur between these big cats and livestock ranchers.

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