How are humans effecting the carbon cycle?



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    Human are effecting the carbon cycle in many ways. Humans are increasing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere by emitting carbon from cars and factories, etc. Humans are also cutting down trees and destroying rain forests, which is lowering the planets ability to absorb carbon from the atmosphere. Humans in some areas of the world have gone even farther and started to manipulate environments with bioengineering in order to try and reverse the effects of what they have already done. 

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    Since the human population has boomed so much in the past few decades, more room has been needed for them, so we are cutting down forests and replacing grasslands with concrete and cities.  When we cut down trees and plants, we are getting rid of the life that gives us oxygen to breathe.

    Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, while animals (including us) breathe in oxygen and release carbon dioxide.  Since the number of humans are growing exponentially while we cut down trees, the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide is unbalanced.

    At the same time, our factories and machines let out carbon dioxide, which makes the system even more out of balance.

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