How are household chemicals making their way into our drinking water?



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    Tap water in America, Europe and Canada is of exceptionally pure quality compared to the rest of the world. Diseases like cholera are never a concern with our tap water. However, toxins from man-made chemicals have been found to contaminate our water supply. Trace amounts of prescription drugs such as pain killers and sex hormones have been found in public water reservoirs. Compounds from shampoos and detergents can also find their way into our water. This is why home filtration systems are recommended.

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    They make their way into the water systems by  1. using them, 2. dumping them down the drains or outside.  For example, if you mop with pinesol and dump the water outside, it’s absorbed into the ground (or directly into a sewer drain) and becomes part of the water cycle.  Many people throw out excess chemicals they no longer need directly through a faucet drain or down the toilet.  If you use windex and paper towels to clean something, the saturdated papertowel gets thrown in the garbage and enters a landfill.  The last example might be a little extreme, but still a possible scenario.  If we stop using these chemical items, we can stop them from entering our water systems.

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