How are hemp and marijuana related?



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    The hemp and marijuana plants are part of the same family but industrial and feral hemp plants, unlike marijuana plants, have very low THC levels. The two plants are also grown differently.

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    Hemp and marijuana are the same thing, although hemp is primarily the male plant. The male, hemp plant produces pollen sacks that pollinates the female plant.  The female plant will grow the seeds on the for the next season. The male produces more robust fibers for the production of hemp products while the female allocates her energy to producing seeds and resin for protection.

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    Hemp is a word used to describe several different varieties of the cannabis plant, but particularly those varieties bred for industrial uses like hemp fibers (rope, clothing, paper, etc), oil, and food.  Marijuana is a word of Spanish derivation that generally describes the THC-rich flowers of cannabis plants, which can induce euphoric, relaxed, and/or mildly hallucinagenic states when ingested (most often by smoking or baking it into food).  Marijuana can also alleviate symptoms of certain medical conditions including nausea, chronic pain, insomnia, and depressive disorders. 

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