How are green blogs used to help the green movements momentum?



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    Blogs can be a great way to quickly spread information on the Internet, letting other environmental activists know about upcoming opportunities to participate in the green movement, and spreading the word about recent news to interested people.  In addition, the mainstream media often does not do a good job covering environmental issues accurately or in depth, so blogs and other news sites can be a good way to get the full story out there.  Of course blogging about the environment doesn’t do much good if no one actually reads your blog.  That said, several good environmental blogs have managed to attract a large following of leaders, and regularly update people around the country (or the world) about green issues.  An example of one such blog is cited below. 

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    I agree.  While blogs at times can be misleading, they often present information and stories that aren’t talked about in mainstream media. It is a great way to learn about events and news, and a great way to spread the word and promote environmentalism. Not everything can be trusted, but it is important to be exposed to all sorts of views and beliefs in order to better form a strong opinion and lifestyle.


    A great green blog is listed below, and also contains links to other sites.

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    Green blogs give people who read them a sense of community and belonging. They also provide a lot of valuable DIY information.  Blogs can inspire people to go green or start their own blog.  It’s always nice to hear information from other like you, rather than from some didactic newscaster.  It makes the information more palpable and meaningful. 

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