How are green leaders able to spread their knowledge to the public?



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    Green leaders often hold panel discussions, like the ones held at New York’s Climate Week, to spread their knowledge in the public forum style. The Internet is also a great way for people to spread knowledge about anything through websites, social networking, direct emailing, newsletters, and videos. Holding press conferences and appealing to mainstream media help to get the word out.

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    Articles and other forms of media are usually the most widespread and effective methods of delivering a message. Green leaders utilize them the same way that other politicians do.

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    I believe there are many ways of doing this.

    I agree that the itnernet is a great resource and it is an awesome place to reach out and unite people, but I also believe in a strong physical community.

    Websites like allow people to meet face to face with similar beliefs and goals. I believe in the power of one but I also believe that many have a stronger voice. Organization in itself is power and leaders can use groups of people for their advantage (and the earth).

    Speaking at public places is also a great idea. I am personally going to speak to a few churches.

    Books are also very powerful. If leaders are good writers, they should write books to express their ideas.

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