How are the economics of a green business different than those of regular businesses?



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    The most obvious difference is that a green business must focus first on the environmental aspects of their company rather than purely making money. It is frustrating for green businesses because they could tweak their practices to be a little less environmentally friendly and they would make a significant amount of profits in some cases, but it is a huge risk because they could be exposed as not green. Green businesses must keep their green persona, and that can be difficult at times for their economics.

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    Green business tends to take much more forethought and planning. This is as, to be truly green (and ethical overall), one must consider the sources of manufactured products and of materials, of the welfare of workers, and the like. Normal business tends to only worry about not getting caught, versus doing the right thing for the planet in every step of production and marketing. Thankfully, more business people are turning green…and it’s not with envy.

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