How are geese or ducks treated in the production of duvets? Are there companies that treat them humanely?



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    Well, the duvet companies themselves don’t usually do the feather harvesting. They’re typically bought from feather harvesting farms, where the feathers are either harvested post mortem, in some cases, or when the birds are still alive. The latter, of course, is horrible, as the feathers are usually harvested 5-6 times a year, which is painful for the birds. If you’re worried about the humane treatment, I would say that your best bet would be to get a duvet with synthetic fibers in it rather than real feathers.

    However, if you’re set on goose feather, then I would contact each company that you would buy from, find out where they get their feathers, and then call the harvesting company, and just ask how they get their feathers. A little sleuthing goes a long way.


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