How are fireworks bad for the environment?



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    Fireworks can be bad for the environment in a few different ways. Firstly, some heavy metals are mined to make the color changing reactions that occur. Secondly, particulate matter from fireworks after they have been set off can aggravate the lungs and pollute the air. Third, fireworks have caused numerous fires. In fact, there were no fireworks in Austin, TX this year due to fear of a fire starting because of the extreme drought we have had. 

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    Yes, like the previous answer has said fireworks contain toxic materials. Many of the chemicals found in fireworks do not break down, so they stay there harming the environment. One of the ingredients commonly used in fireworks is perchlorates – which in high enough doses can do damage to the human thyroid gland’s ability to take iodine in the bloodstream. This can result in hypothyroidism. Children and fetuses can suffer the most from this, however, healthy human adults don’t seem to be affected by this.

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