How are fast food places working on making themselves more eco friendly?



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    It seems as though there aren’t many fast food places that are leaning toward eco friendly. It is likely because eco friendly means more expensive and that’s usually not why people shop at fast food places. Burgerville in the Northwest has been named the more eco friendly and sustainable fast food in the country! They use local food, they compost, they recycle, etc. But, it’s more expensive. 

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    Some fast food places such as Pizza Fusion, offer up very delicious meals while maintaining very high green standards. Their menu is 75% organic and the restaurant uses locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible. The meat toppings are antibiotic and hormone-free. To top it all off, the meals are served in containers made from corn starch and potatoes that biodegrade in 60 days. Although it may be more expensive, it truly depends on the restaurants desire to improve their green standards in order to move into a more eco-friendly way of functioning.

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