How are farmers working to contain runoff?



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    Here’s a list of tips that the EPA offers for preventing runoff in the agriculture industry. 

    1) Manage the animal waste in an attempt to keep it away from surface water.

    2) Use fewer fertilizers and pesticides

    3) Use “planned grazing systems” on pasture

    4) Dispose of any chemical materials in a responsible, legal manner

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    This article describes a drainage device that could help control farm runoff:

    The device, a box underground with a pipe connecting it to the fields, works as a dam, letting farmers control the amount of water saturation in their fields, and also catches runoff.

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    there are several “natural” methods which have been developed throughout history to capture, control or prevent topsoil loss and runoff.

    the most  technology is commonly refered nowadays as “contour plowing”. wherein fields are plowed along the contour of curved land, such that each “row” or furrow, is approximately level along the course of the field.

    as rain or irrigation water hits the soil, it is slowed or stoped by the level furrows. allong it to seep into the soil where it will not “run”.

    farmers in australia have been working with the basic and ancient technique and have develop some interesting and successfull methods. in parts of Australia this concept is known as “keyline” design.

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