How are EVs and Smart Grids interconnected?



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    Evs are using grids by continuing to seek ways to successfully penetrate the market. Evs will inevitably burden the existing electric power infrastructure. According to Connected World magazine, an EV charge is estimated to consume 50-100% of an average home’s daily electrical usage- something the grid cannot support during peak hours. Plubic charging puts an even heavier strain on the grid. Utilities are seeking out smart grid technology solutions to ensure grid reliability along with generation capacity. 

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    EVs can actually help the grid by being charged at night when the demand for electricity is low and discharging some of their energy during the day when demand for electricity is high. With a proper pricing scheme, this means that EV owners can make money off of their batteries by selling energy back to the grid. EV owners would simply have to program their connection to the smart grid using an app or other user-friendly interface to let the grid know when they want to have their cars charged and when it is OK for the grid to drain power. The advantage to all this is that we would harness electricity that normally goes to waste.

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