How are environmentalism and patriotism be connected?



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    Patriotism can be basically defined as love for one’s country. In a sense, this makes environmentalism one of its key components. Patriotism involves being devoted and caring about particular locations or places, and this is exactly what environmentalism is. To love one’s country also means to care for its land, animals, and all the living things that make it what it is.

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    Environmentalism IS patriotism in the highest sense of the word. Preserving the environment is about preserving what is best about our country’s landscapes. United States territory is home a variety of beautiful ecosystems that should be our pride and joy just like anything else that belongs to us and which we consider deserving of our patriotism. If if you are a “competitive” patriot who needs to say “USA number 1!” just to prove a point, environmentalism and patriotism are still inextricably related – if we drill for oil in Alaska, or allow parkland in California to overrun, or continue to build in sensitive desert habitats, we no longer compete with mountain ranges, forests, and deserts in other countries around the world. Moreover, aside from just making our country a more desirable place to live, the preservation of natural environments is crucial to the health of our citizenry. We may not have a shot at fulfilling an Emersonian utopia of individual workers and thinkers, but our support of the environment is still crucial to our moral and intellectual well-being.

    Finally, and most obviously, an ignorance of environmental concerns is inevitably an ignorance of patriotic concerns due to the very tangible effects of pollution and noxious emissions into our atmosphere.Why would any patriot want to contribute to an eventual melting of the ice caps?

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