How are electronics becoming greener than they ever have been?



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    Many electronic devices that we see today are becoming more efficient, therefore they aren’t using as much energy as they once did. Old computer parts are also being recycled and reused more and more, in an attempt to reduce the giant pile of unused electronics. It is still in the process of making these things better. I think right now, power efficiency is the big thing making electronics more green.

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    It’s also more and more common for electronics manufacturers to use less toxic materials in their products. This allows safer and easier recycling of used products, and also makes it less harmful for the environment and for the workers who dissemble the parts of the electronics.

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    Laptops are becoming greener because new technology will eventually eliminate the need to convert AC power to DC power (this conversation is extremely inefficient and wastes a lot of power).  The company responsible for this new technology, Transphorm, is funded by Google Ventures.  The technology is based on “gallium nitride rather than silicon.  Gallium nitride is a semiconductor that wastes far less energy than silicon”.  This new efficiency will eliminate the need for any heat fans and Transphorm hopes to decrease wasted energy by almost 90%.  


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