How are earthquakes so dangerous?



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    Earthquakes are dangerous because they cause structural damage due to the shaking motion and cracks in the ground. They can also cause fires due to broken gas mains. Earthquakes have been known to generate tsunamis and trigger landslides.

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    Earthquakes can be very hazardous for several reasons. Buildings, for instance, can be critically damaged due to ground shaking. If liquefaction occurs, a process in which sand, soil, and groundwater mix together, buildings can actually sink into the ground. Landslides, avalanches, and mudslides, can also occur from earthquakes, damaging buildings and injuring, or killing, people in their paths. Additionally, tsunamis are caused by earthquakes under the ocean. These can cause severe flooding and damage. Fires can also break out from earthquakes due to broken power and gas lines or wood and coal stoves that have fallen over.

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