How are dolphins being impacted by human activities?

(besides fishing)



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    One of the biggest ways that dolphins are being impacted by human activities is through ocean dumping.  Garbage and other materials that are being dumped in the ocean are affecting the lives of most of the animals that live in the ocean including dolphins.  Other ways dolphins are being affected is through human activities such as boating, scuba diving, etc. that can leave an unwanted impact on the dolphin’s natural habitat.

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    I agree.  Water pollution is adversely affecting dolphins habitats. Constant dumping in the ocean changing the entire ecosystem. And one creature is negatively affected, it can create consequences throughout the ecosystem. Should a food source be destoryed, those that rely on that prey are forced to find alternative food or die as well.  Dolphins are also being affected by human activity on the surface in the form of noise pollution, which can distract and confuse dolphins as they use sonar to travel and locate food.

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    Well I just watched The Cove recently and I can tell you that I have been scarred for life.  Basically its about dolphins getting captured for use in aquariums and Sea World and stuff.  Then the ones that don’t make the cut are killed. 

    this is obviously bad because ruins migration patterns and….well…..kills a lot of dolphins. 

    Trust me watch the movie and you will probably cry yourself to sleep.  

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    Dolphins are being negatively impacted by humans. As stated in other answers, pollution and the dumping of garbage into the oceans is detrimental. Plastics (like shopping bags) get caught on the dolphins or they may try to eat them. Pollution and garbage are leading to habitat destruction.

    Loud noises in the ocean, including those coming from offshore oil drilling and the military, are affecting the normal activities of dolphins.

    Furthermore, some tourist is negative for dolphins. If the tour company and tourists are not careful they can encourage the dolphins to stay close to the humans, thus losing their natural habits. They also may accidently destroy habitat.

    Finally, large-scale fishing can be horrible for dolphins. They can get caught in nets and either drown because they cannot breathe or be pulled onto the boat with the fish. Efforts have been made to make dolphin-safe nets.

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    Overfishing causes a lot of problems for dolphins, as many tuna fishermen catch them in their nets accidentally, or even lazily. Also, in some countries, dolphins are slaughtered on purpose and substituted for whale meat, which is sometimes considered a delicacy. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch the documentary The Cove. Dolphin lovers be advised of graphic images.

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