How are designs of homes changing with the green revolution?



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    Home design is one aspect of our lives that can benefit our lives greatly by going green! Many new home designs are incorporating more natural touches in order to use up less energy, items such as solar panels and skylights also save the homeowner money. Most new homes now feature things such as low-flow faucets and toilets that use less water per flush. Homes are also being made using plenty of recycled materials, such as recycled wood for the flooring, or recycled tile made into a countertop. Any aspect of a home design can be made green, and in order to go green, one could incorporate green building materials as well, sustainable local wood for example.

    One really fun idea I stumbled upon is an idea called the GreenGrid, here’s how it works. In the summer days, a black roof can get extremely hot; the GreenGrid is a series of drought resistant plants installed on a roof. The roofs where the Grid has been installed can be as much as 100 degrees cooler, thus cooling down the house and reducing air conditioning costs during the summer.

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    The main pro of Green home designs is that it save yourself energy and money in the long run with more proficient design, power supply and appliances. Get more pleasure from your Green Home you ever possibly could from a house that is power hungry and has poor/toxic indoor air quality.

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