How are conservation biologists and ethics connected?



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    Conservation biologists may appeal to people’s ethics in order to convince them of the importance of conservation. These types of biologists believe strongly in their cause, and truly want to save the animals and ecosystems they are researching. They also need to persuade people to give them funding to provide the money needed for their research, appealing to people’s ethics can be a good way to do this. 

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    Wow, Kaytbree, what a question! I think that things become more of an ethical issue when the actions that we are dealing with aren’t necessary for survival, but are either the right or wrong thing to do. If we knew for a fact that building this or that store would bring upon the end of the world, I don’t think anyone would want to build the store.  It is in deciding where to draw the line for expansion, and trying to decide what nature really means to us, that the ethics come into play.

    Hope this helps!

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