How are solar companies dealing with financing in such a tough time?



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    Unfortunately, the same way many other companies are – slashing jobs and closing plants.

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    Depending on the state there are a lot of state incentives that are keeping solar thriving. Both in California and Louisiana there are laws that offer bonds to homes and businesses (within a district) for energy efficient and renewable energy improvements. These bonds can be given to anyone in the district even solar companies.

    Also, in Louisiana there is a law that gives a rebate of 50% back with a cap of $25,000 and it allows for anyone to provide the upfront cost of the system (you don’t have to be the homeowner). So solar companies can provide the upfront cost and instead of the homeowner getting the rebate the company with get half of the cost of the system!

    In Texas they have rebate incentives through some of the utility companies. For example, with Austin Energy they offer a rebate program of $3 per watt. It can pay for the upfront cost or can be given to the homeowner after the installation is complete. If Austin Energy customers want the rebate they have to go through solar installation companies that Austin Energy hires!

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