How are cities trying to reduce the amount of traffic congestion?



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    Some cities have attempted to tackle this problem by increasing traffic capacity by widening roads and adding more lanes, but this can be a costly process.  In 2006 it was estimated that to relieve traffic congestion, the US government would need to invest 533 billion dollars to add 104,000 lane-miles.  Other approaches are programs that encourage the use of public transportation systems such as light rail, and creating infrastructure to promote bicycle commuting.

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    There are many different ways to reduce traffic congestion in cities, but a specific way that has proven to be be effective is called congestion pricing. In this method, cities charge cars tolls in specific areas/roads, so if these tolls are high enough, people will be more likely to cut down on driving or be encouraged to carpool. According to the article, several cities have tried this, and it has been working for them, so this could be a great way to reduce traffic in various cities. 

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    As of right now the biggest weapon we have against congestion is mass transit.  However, creating mass transit requires rearranging the cities infrastructure (which is obviously a long and expensive task) SO one thing that cities are doing is creating carpool lanes.  This is just where you designate one lane for cars holding 2 or more people.  Sometimes they widen the road to add these in, but other times they convert a lane.  

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