How are children hurting the environment?



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    Probably only in their lack of knowledge (sometimes ignorance isn’t bliss).  Because kids often don’t know about the harmful effects of their ways they could be wasteful and non-environmentally friendly by accident such as throwing away items that could be recycled or leaving lights on when they leave a room. 

    The good thing is that this can be fixed.  Kids can easily be taught about the environment and fun things they can do to help out.  Depending on age, start simple and increase knowledge and tasks with their responsibility and general interest in the topic. 

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    It is not children themselves, but the sheer number of them that cause damage to the environment. Part of the problem is that uneducated families tend to have more children than educated families, and these children eventually become adults who strain our natural resources. This does not mean that you should swear never to have children, but it does mean that you should take the planet’s resources into consideration when you are condiering how important it is to you to pass on your genes. Adoption and foster care are good alternatives to having your own biological children.

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