How are chickens treated on factory farms?



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    Chicken farms have goals like getting alot of meat, milk, and eggs. Unfortunately, living conditions are more often than not included. Many factory farms practice maximizing their space by increasing the chicken density; sacrificing living conditions for production rates. Though this method is not illegal, it has definitley sparked the interest of animal rights activists everywhere. Still in the middle of an ethical battle, many activists have managed to remove the more inappropriate techniques like debeaking.

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    The name “factory farm” is usually associated with images of animal mistreatment and overcrowding. The ASPCA and the Humane Society are some of the main opponents of factory farming. Factory farms consistently mimic light cycles to stimulate growth in chickens, which confuses the chickens’ bodies. Another practice is removing the beaks of chickens to prevent them from attacking each other under the stress of the factory farm situation. These farms also stimulate accelerated breeding, stressing the birds’ bodies out further, and finally providing a violent ride to the slaughtering area. It’s just a terrible existence for the birds involved.

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