How are chickens treated in egg factories?



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    Chickens are generally forced in tiny cages along with up to 9 other chickens. These cages are so small, there is usually not enough room to walk around, stretch, and dustbathe (which is one of their favorite activities). The lights in these factories are kept on for over 16 hours a day to simulate daytime which is when the hens lay their eggs. Feeding occurs through a tray which is at the front of the cage, so those hens that are too weak and feeble are usually enduring a process of suffering until death. Finally, once it seems that a hen has exhausted her capability to produce eggs, she is deprived of food and water for weeks in a process called forced molting. This tends to result in much death and even the egg quality suffers. However, since it leads to more eggs, this practice is still used. As you can see, these factories heavily mistreat chickens for the sake of profit and some of the practices in these facilities are extremely cruel.

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    Chickens are treated really poorly in egg factories. They are not given enough room to stretch their wings or move around. Often times four chickens are put in a wire cage that is just 16 inches big. From rubbing against the cage their feathers are worn off and skin affected. The chickens suffer from diseases and bone problems from laying so many eggs and not moving around. After one year they are considered ‘spent chickens’ and are slaughtered. 

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    To ensure maximum productivity, chickens are often stuffed in small, wire cages and stacked one on top of the other.  They are often deprived of light and fresh air.  Some chickens never go outside throughout the entirety of their lives.  Because they also lack exercise, if they do get let out, they have difficulty trying to walk because they’ve been sitting for so long.  To avoid contributing to the abuse of chickens, try eating only organically produced eggs or chicken marketed as “free range.”


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    Very poorly, in most cases. Chickens are packed with hormones to make them fat enough to eat at KFC, and they are forced to produce eggs at an extremely unnatural rate. They’re packed into tiny cages in which they don’t even have room to stand or turn around. They’re treated like commodities, as if they aren’t even alive. There is no consideration taken for their suffering, only for their level of production. Is that something  you want to eat?

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