How are cell phones killing bees?



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    Researchers believe that the radiation emitted from cell phones may be the reason for the decline of bees. 

    Another study, conducted by Swiss scientists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, has found that cell phone signals can affect bees and even confuse them to leave the hive before the queen bee has fully matured. 

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    A study, led by researcher Daniel Favre, found that bees reacted to cell phones that were placed near their hives.  When the phones rang, the bees could sense the signals that were transmitted, and would make loud buzzing sounds while the phones rang.  According to an article, “the calls act as an instinctive warning to leave the hive,” however, the frequency of the call causes the bees to fly erratically.  The buzzing noise increases up to 10 times when a cell phone is ringing, but only if the phone is ringing.  It’s hard to say how big of an impact our continued cell phone use will affect the bee population in the long run.  

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    That actually turned out to be false. What is believed now is that pesticides and HFCS are the contributors of Colony Collapse Disorder.

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