How are blogs being used to promote environmental issues?



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    People write about any environmental issues they feel like. For example, in the blog I’ve attached in my citation, the blogger talks about oil spills, getting rid of paper receipts, and decreasing styrofoam use.

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    People blog about environmental issues that they feel passionate about. If the blog is popular, then a lot of people see what’s being written about these environmental issues and can gain further knowledge on the topic, at least on the one side of the topic. One type of green blog is called PlentyWays.

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    I am actually blogging about environmental issues.  I’m intend to use a lot of the information gathered on this site and share it with people i promote the blog to.  the idea is to target people who are resistant to the green movement, to show them why they should care and provide easy ways for them to get involved that are also affordable.  Blogs are a great medium to use to communicate with a large audience. 


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