How are bioplastics produced?



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    Bioplastic is made from biomass, which is domestically available.  The exact method of producing bioplastic varies, and research is being done to find out the best way to produce it.  Typically it is made from the protein in crops, such as corn.  This can then be combine with things such as crystals to make it stronger.

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    Bioplastics are made by using biologically derived feedstocks, such as vegetable oil, corn starch, or microbiota, as opposed to traditional plastics which are derived from petroleum. The most commonly used raw material is corn starch, which is converted into a polymer with properties similiar to those of normal plastic products.

    Bio-plastics are considered to be more eco-friendly because their production relies considerably less on fossil fuels and because many types of bioplastics are truly biodegradable.


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