How are the internet and social media helping people go green?



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    The internet has made paperless transactions possible via online transactions. This not only helps conserve tons of paper each year, it also helps conserve money, energy, and labor. We also know that the internet is the most convenient source of information these days. In effect, the internet has worked to disseminate various forms of social media related to the green movement.

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    Both internet and social media allows for easier marketing of green lifestyles and movements. The internet has an infinite amount of information, but mainly it allows for specific websites exist. For example, the website publishes articles on new progress in green issues such as clean energy. Information is not only abundant, but also very convenient to access. Anonymous individuals and celebrities alike can blog their own green initiatives and advice, thus making the internet subjective and objective. Social media gives people the opportunity to make a difference as a group. Social media connects people from all parts of the world, different ages, different languages, and different perspectives to unite and make going green a more cohesive process for everybody even with the lack of face-to-face contact.

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    The impotant thing these new media offer is access to information.  The Internet still uses up energy in order to upload, download, or transfer information.  However, it allows people to learn whatever they want instantly, and allows others to share thoughts, ideas, and connect with like minded individuals.  People can find anything they want to know about being green, and continue to live an eco friendly life.

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