How are Americans working to become less of a consumer country?



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    America needs to educate it’s people the important use of recycling, driving less, buying organic and conserving energy (at home). This makes American’s learn to buy less due to the energy run in factories that helps contribute to many environmental disasters. More education is the key. Peolpe should learn that if we continue to buy products run in American factories; it supports the continuing use of energy consumption run in those factories. Industrial factories have caused so many pollutant to escape in the air. 

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    One way that Americans can consume less and enjoy life more is through time banking. Since certain people are better at doing certain things, they can trade hours of their time instead of trading things with money. It is a great way to build communities and increase people’s standard of living without resorting to buying more stuff.

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    Interesting concept, HappyHodges!

    I think Americans should stop and think whether buying new things actually brings them happiness or improves their lives. The media has sort of brainwashed us into thinking that having the newest phone or luxury car will make you beautiful, popular, successful, so we are constantly buying things in pursuit of these intangibles. To really change this, we need to practice giving thanks for what we currently have, volunteer more, donate our time and resources and just enjoy life as it is. I don’t know what needs to be done to change our attitudes, but the media will have a huge influence on that. Businesses will no doubt continue to bombard us with subliminal messages. Maybe it should start in school, printed media, movies, etc…  

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