How and where can I recycle an old Christmas tree?



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    There is likely at least one option available where you live to recycle your tree, in some places there are multiple choices. Many curbside recycling programs offer a tree pick up service, usually lasting the first few weeks of January (contact yours for more info). If this is not available, you can bring it to a yard waste facility yourself. Hopefully it is free, but if not you’ll have to consider it part of doing what’s right for the environment. Or, recycle it yourself by cutting it down into kindling or firewood. 

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    Depends on where you live. If you are in the US, many localities have drop-off sites (usually the same place as regular compost drop-off) where you simply bring the tree, and some will even pick it up curbside. However, make sure you check before allowing a curbside pickup, as many of those just end up in a landfill.

    The best place to look would be a municipal website, where information on tree recycling will be found, or just call the phone number connecting you to city recycling offices.

    Otherwise, the website has a recycling center locater that could help find a place near you.

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    Artificial Christmas trees are made from metal and PVC and are neither biodegradable or recycleable.  Even worse, is that the majority of them are imported from China, thus furthering the footprint.  Though many people feel that real trees should not be cut down and used as Christmas trees.  There are however many recycling programs for real trees.  Also, these farms support sustainable farming techniques. 

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