How amny Panda bears are there left in the world



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    Pandas are becomming to be an endanger animal. Currently, there are 1,600 left in the world. 300 are bred in zoos, most of them live in China. Pandas are listed as endangered animals in the world condervation union (IUCN). We must protect pandas in every way and make sure they are protected and safe. 

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    There are currently less than 1,600 giant pandas left in the world. The black-and-white giant is the rarest member of the bear and is listed as an endangered species. China, where most of these bears reside, has actually been putting forth great efforts to save the giant panda. By 2005, the Chinese government created over 50 reserves to protect more than 2.5 million acres of land. As a result, this protected about 60% of the panda population in China. Scientists are continually conducting research in hopes of learning more about giant pandas to save their population.

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