How is aluminum recycled?



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    Aluminum is actually considered the “perfect” recyclable material because it is 100% recyclable.

    The process of recycling aluminum (specifically cans):

    1) The cans are compacted and formed into a large mass.

    2) A burning process is initiated to strip the cans of superfluous (useless, value-less) material.

    3) The mass of aluminum is shredded into tiny pieces (about the size of wood chips).

    4) The pieces are then placed into a burning furnace, which combined with new pieces of aluminum,and forms a molten mass.

    5) The molten aluminum is poured into heavy ingots (bars of metal) where it is rolled into sheets.

    6) The sheets are then removed and coiled, and shipped to can makers.

    7) The aluminum can recycling process is complete.

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