How is air pollution responsible for global warming?

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    Many air pollutants, like those released when gasoline, coal, and other fossil fuels are burned, give off carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. These gases are released into the atmosphere, and as they build up, they trap heat from the sun, causing the temperature of the surface air to rise. There are other causes of global warming, however, such as deforestation and some agricultural practices.

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    Other greenhouse gases and air pollutants contributing to global warming include:  methane, which comes from swamps and livestock waste and is 21 times more potent a GHG than carbon dioxide; and cholorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which were used in refrigerators and aerosol cans but were banned due to their detrimental effect on the ozone player.

    In addition, sulfur dioxide, which contributes to smog and acid rain, can reflect sunlight away from the Earth and cause global cooling.

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    The gases from air pollution that the other posters mentioned have the ability to hold and absorb heat with hydroflurocarbons and perfluorocarbons able to hold the most heat.

    Ever since the Industrial Age, global carbon dioxide concentrations in the atomosphere have increased 31% and methane by 151%

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