How accurate is the portrayal of Monsanto and the state of the seed industry, in general, in the movie Food Inc?

And is this as big of a threat to our food supply as the movie makes it out to be?



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    While I hate to be a fear mongerer, Monsanto is a huge threat to our food industry.  Corporations that are allowed to put patents on seeds should be stopped.  Agriculture began thousands of years ago and no company should be able to own the rights to it.  They are threatening local farmers and have pretty much complete control of what we eat.  Greed has even affected the food we eat!  Monsanto is also close with Halliburton and other coporations that are at the top in our country.  When this much power goes to so few people, it needs to be stopped.

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    For more information, I suggest you check out

    The Future of Food

    and The World According to Monsanto (which is actually banned in the US, but you can watch it online at the link below)

    In my opinion, it must be imporant if so many people are attempting to speak out about it, and if the US feels the need to ban it.


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