How accurate is climate science?



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    There is a lot of controversy on the reliability of climate science in general.  A big scandal was apparently opened up involving hacked emails from scientists that were faking data that failed to show that the earth was warming.  Check out the citation for full information. 

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    Climatic Science is accurate with respect to the amount of data that can be collected and analyzed to tell us about the history of the earth’s climate. However, predictions of the future of climate change are exactly that–predictions. These predictions are based on theories and models draw from historic data so they do have merit. On the other hand there are still many unknowns relative to human activity and the effects that our actions will have on the environment. These effects may be delayed or have not shown up yet because of the time that it takes for reactions to occur and chemicals to be released. Additionally, on a geologic time scale the earth is changing with or without the influence of humans.

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