In honor of Superbowl week- which is more green, the steel forging industry or the cheese packing industry?



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    I think there are a LOT of factors to consider for this question!  Without spending an entire day researching… I am going to have to go with the cheese packing industry.   Steel is made mostly of iron and our current methods of mining are destroying our mountains.  I don’t imagine that either industry is very green… a lot of fuel is used to run machines involved in both practices.  Plus all the plastic that is used to package cheese that just ends up in landfills.. but at least there are some dairies that are working with the environment instead of against it.  

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    In support of stateofkate’s answer, in November of 2010 NanoPack Inc, which produces packaging for cheese and meets, has recently developed a more environmentally friendly barrier. This new barrier eliminates the environmentally harmful polyvinylidene chloride used in traditional packaging.  As the press release states,

    “the PVdC combines with moisture in the environment and forms hydrochloric acid, during the manufacture of coated films and later in landfills. Thus, the elimination of chlorine-bearing PVdC reduces processing and disposal concerns.”

    So not quite a touchdown, but maybe field goal for the cheese-packing industry.

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