Is honey bad for you?



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    Honey is not as bad for you as many other sweeteners, but it is still a food that is purely natural sugar and should be consumed in moderation. Natural honey does have several vitamins and minerals that help us metabolize cholesterol, but again you have to remember honey is sugar. It may be a good idea to use it instead of artificial sweetener in your tea or in baking, but I would say it is neither a purely “healthy” or “unhealthy” food.

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    Overindulging in honey is when you run into issues. Honey is a great alternative to regular sugar and is easily digested but it does run higher in calories. Despite the fact that it contains no fat, it can still have some negative impacts. However, in most cases, a healthy level of honey should have no long term negative impact on your health.

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    Consumed in moderation, raw local honey can be quite good for you if you have allergies. Honey is derived from the pollen and spores that cause many people to have allergies, and actually contains those allergens, but in smaller batches, so when consumed, it acts as a kind of immunotherapy, gradually “vaccinating” the body. It contains enough of the germ/allergen to cause your body to build up antibodies, but not enough to make you sick. Then, when your body is presented with actual allergens in their pure form, it can sufficiently defend itself without becoming sick.

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