Is homeschooling a more eco friendly option for my child?



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    Well homeschooling has it’s benefits and limitations. As for being more eco-friendly, that all depends on you as a parent and how much resources you are willing to cut back and use on your child. For instance, how much paper you will be using, how you recycle that paper, how you plan on transporting your child, and what material you will use to teach your child. Remember, that schools nationwide are becoming more and more eco friendly. Though you will have complete control as a homeschool parent over your child’s eco-footprint, it may not be all that different.

    Any child entering a public education system typically does not control what their school’s emits except for what they personally use themselves. You as a parent can still monitor what your child brings to school and what materials he uses/wastes from your home.

    If you have your reasons on homeschooling your child then that is completely your business and I respect that. But I am willing to bet you can educate your child well enough to be just as eco-friendly in school as your home.

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