Is holistic medicine good for the environment?



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    The usage of certain holistic medicines, particularly certain rare or endangered herbs, can be detrimental to the environment. Many ‘holistic’ plants are now being overharvested or poached.

    Certain plants that grow in remote regions of the world like the rainforest or regions of higher elevations also require intrusive traveling to acquire them which can have negative effects on the environment.

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    jmendez is absolutely right.  As a matter of fact, many medicinal herbs which have become sparse in nature are native to extensive grasslands which have been paved over to make strip malls and parking lots.  “Endangered” herbs are often categorized, instead, as “at-risk” plants.  There are many companies which harvest medicinal herbs ethically, keep botanical sanctuaries themselves, and hire wildcrafters who know intimately how to preserve the life of existing medicinal herbs in the wild while still harvesting them for medicine.  United Plant Savers is an excellent resource for more about the use and harvest medicinal plants in the wild and in your garden at home.

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