is higher pixel recommended for outside night shots?Type your question here…



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    Most digital cameras today are in the 2mp and 5mp range. The higher the pixel count the clearer the shot will be. This applies also at nighttime. While a lower pixel count will still be able to take photographs at night and get the same exposure from the light the clarity will still be determined by the pixel count. P

    ixel count should really be decided on what size portraits you plan on printing. For 4X6 photograph’s a 3mp camera should be fine. Ff instead you are looking at printing 8X10’s then a 4mp or 5mp camera would suit you better. For even larger pictures a higher mp would be preferred.

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    Just make sure you use a good flash.  I find that my film camera takes much better night shots than my digital.  I just open up my f stop the entire way, place my camera on a tripod, and use a detached flash.  

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