Is high octane gasoline better or worse for the environment?



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    I’d say worse, only because there is no real benefit to using it for most cars. It doesn’t really make your car perform better or use fuel more efficiently. Most cars should just use regular octane fuel, unless the manufacturer recommends it or the engine starts knocking.

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    I could not find any supporting information to back this up, but maybe it is a little better.  Three years ago when I had to get my 10 yr old car smog checked for registration, they told me that if I didn’t pass I should go fill my car up with the premium gas, drive around the block a few times and I would probably pass.  Luckily I did not fail with the regular gas, but it seems that this is a common recommendation for passing the smog check and the station had nothing to gain off this information since they do not sell gas, and have the “no pass, no pay” policy.

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