Is high fructose corn syrup really all that bad?



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    There are two major categories for the problems high fructose corn syrup cause: dangers to one’s health, and environmental issues. The corn industry will tell you that corn syrup is actually very nutritious, since it comes from corn. Actually, we need very little corn in our diets. In developed countries, we already eat plenty of grain and way too much sugar; we don’t need any more. Corn syrup causes an insulin spike when eaten, makes the body more acidic and, like all sugars, can easily be converted to fat. The addition of corn syrup to so many foods can easily be linked to increases in diabetes, osteoporosis, tooth decay, obesity and osteoarthritis. Simply put, we just don’t need that much sweetener. Food producers use it as a cheap way to get us to eat lots of their products and to use the vast amounts corn grown in the mid-western US. That’s why it can be found in products that don’t even need sweetener.

    Finally, the completely unnecessary amounts of corn we grow for products like corn syrup are one major reason for the monocultures so prevalent in modern farming; vast expanses of one single crop, grown with no other plants around. The corn monocultures grown to supply us with corn syrup reduce plant and animal diversity, leech nutrients from the soil, and can be wiped out by parasites more easily that many crops grown together. To combat this, many corn crops are genetically modified, which studies show could be bad for the environment and our health

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